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How To Make Money Online for Ordinary People Like You and Me


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Helping others is the only way to success


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Yes – this is my mantra. And I hope that after going through the information you find on these pages, you'll be able to get a pretty good idea of who I am and most importantly, how I best can help YOU.

Before you continue and learn more about me and my business opportunity, I would like to share some “secrets” with you.

To have success with a home based business on the Internet, there are some basic key factors you need to understand:

·         You need a proven system, working 90% on autopilot

·         You need support, training and mentoring

·         You must be self motivated and willing to learn and improve

·         You must work

·         Internet is the biggest market place in the world and you can advertise and sell almost anything online from your home computer

·         Making money on the net is all about sorting

·         You attract the right people – you don’t have to find them and contact them – they will find you!

·         The value is in building your own list of leads and customers. You should never buy leads – this is only a waste of money and time!

·         Forget about “old school” lead generation. You should be able to generate 100+ new quality leads every month without calling a single person.

·         If you are in the MLM business, internet is the ultimate recruiting tool. Stop hustling your friends and family. The prospects must contact you first. Then they are sorted and already attracted to you and your business opportunity.

·         A good marketing system should be used to build several different businesses (home business, selling products, lead generation, different affiliate products)

To learn more, you can either register now to get more information or you can check out the rest of my web site. Here you will learn more about me and how you can build up your own successful business.

If you already are a pro on the Internet, you might also find some of the systems I offer you of interest. Opt-in and check it out.

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Most people dream about FREEDOM AND ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE. This means freedom to choose where and when to work. This is a dream for many, but also a real life OPPORTUNITY for most people, given the right tools and support.

I am building my success and future on the Internet. I am one of many who have actually quit my ”normal” job in order to make money on an Internet based Business. This applies for all kind of people regardless of sex, religion, race, education or age. My choice was to create my own business and future instead of working for others. I wanted to achieve my FREEDOM.

My name is Morten and I am a Norwegian living with my family in a small town called Kongsberg. I am here to guide you through a process in order to help you to build up your successful home based business. With a dedicated effort from you, this will result in a 6 digit income the next 12 months. Our company has helped thousands of people to achieve prosperity and independence by working from home.


When I started with this unique business model, I was in a difficult situation; My real estate business was hit by the financial crisis and I had to close down my company. This business was carefully built up over a period of 5 years with hard work and high risks. Now everything was lost. The future for me and my family was in jeopardy. To me it was a must to find a serious and home based business in order to secure my future. Otherwise I would end up totally broke, without time and money.

For some months I searched the Internet hoping to find a good, serious and legal concept.

I decided to find something that could give me ECONOMICAL INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM in order to be able to spend time with my family and to be MY OWN BOSS!



After 3 months of research I finally found what I was looking for by discovering this unique Marketing System. A system proven to be one the most effective in the whole world! Like most others, I had NO experience or background from Internet Businesses, but the AUTOMATED system helped me to succeed 

Now I work from home and I am about to fulfil all my dreams!  Now
have the same possibility to design your own future.

It's Your Time. Time to take control and create true financial prosperity and wealth in your life. Time to achieve higher levels of personal success and optimal well-being. Time to live a life you design!

Do you want me to show you how you can?

       Stop living from paycheque to paycheque!

       More money to do what YOU want to do!

       Personal support and coaching!

      No inventory or products in the garage!

       No selling!

       The system works for you 24/7!

       90% automated system!

      No knowledge needed!


 Creating Success In Others! That's What It's All About!

Here’s what will happen after you enter your details below:

·         You will instantly be redirected to our comprehensive overview page where you will get a full business and product disclosure.

·         You will be able to take your time doing your due diligence - pressure-free.

·         You will have the opportunity to contact me or another one of our marketing experts directly to get all your questions answered AFTER you have gone through all of the information.

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Home Business Opportunities

To put it simply, the magic is in the Internet and in the leverage that it offers. ALL the big bucks in marketing today are found on the world wide web. Period.

Now, of course, even with this knowledge an aspiring entrepreneur can still easily get lost in all the craziness online...the endless stream of "proven" strategies, "must-have" courses, "life-changing" free e-books, and densely populated social networking communities where a "new and better" opportunity is introduced every day.
And getting lost online is not a good thing. Because in online business – as in any other type of business – time is critical.

After finally finding my own way to success, I am now able to help new consultants to sort through the havoc and anarchy on the net and focus on those activities that actually produce results, so that they go into profit quickly.

I really have something to offer the market. Something that can help others who are struggling to take their businesses to the next level.

How To Choose The RIGHT Business Opportunity:

1. Find the right people to work with. Don’t get stuck with the wrong peer group. This is important. You don’t want to do business with those without any success.

2. Find a marketing system that works. Tragically, far too many network marketing systems today are not working. If it is an effective system, and if you work it properly, you should be able to start seeing significant money coming back into your pockets within weeks or at most a few months, not years.

3. With the right opportunity, you should be in an income-earning position from day one, and should not have to be passing up any sales as part of a qualification process.

4. If the company's primary business-building "methods" are the recruiting of friends and family members, or the purchasing of expensive "opportunity" leads, be aware. This is a big red flag. You will almost certainly find yourself running out of relatives and/or funds for leads long before you see any real growth in your business.

5. Find something you love to do. Your business should not simply be "a means to an end" -- something you have to suffer through in order to reach your financial goals. The right business should make you jump out of bed in the morning, ready and excited to get to work!

8. Make sure the company and its leaders have a vision which goes beyond the mere material/financial. They should promote and model a "pay-it-forward" mentality. With wealth comes the responsibility of good leadership, and only a person who knows how to share of himself and give back, knows the meaning of true riches.

  "I've never seen another business where someone can plug in to a simple marketing system and generate a full time income within their first 30 to 60 days."

This is the only business model I can whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who wants to earn a significant income from home.

After reviewing every Top Tier business on the market, this is the only one I was willing to put my name on. Their products, mission, and compensation model are simply better than anything else out there which is why I became a Consultant.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Top Tier business model offers the greatest opportunity for financial freedom in this industry.
                                                                                                                                                                      Mike Dillard is a professional marketer in Austin, Texas. After struggling in the MLM industry for over 6 years, he discovered the strategies and tactics of "Magnetic Sponsoring" and went from waiting tables to millionaire status by the age of 28,  earning up to $357,000 in a single week.


How Can I Best Help YOU ?

·         I want to learn the art of Magnetic Sponsoring so I, too, can *attract* a never-ending stream of new prospects and customers to me. Click Here.  

·         I want to learn how I can effectively build my business on a budget              Click Here.

·         I want to learn secret strategies that will allow me to sponsor hordes of new reps on the Internet, on autopilot. Click Here. 

·         I want to learn how to have posture on the phone so that I can become a master recruiter. Click Here.


And today? Today I've got a thriving business and a strong and rapidly growing team of down line consultants in many different countries.

Okay, so what was it that suddenly changed everything? What took me from almost making as much as $ 8,200 in 30 days?

Well, let me tell you, there is no "magic" here. No "magical" product. No "magical" compensation plan.
Just training. Just rock solid, nuts-and-bolts, "learn-and-implement" marketing training. That's it.

And this is where you come into the picture:

I'm currently looking for some self motivated individuals to train in my ground-breaking Top Tier direct sales business, Carbon Copy Pro. And rest assured, this is not any type of “money game”.

It's also not a get-rich-quick scheme or a ticket for those that have a 'lottery mentality'. If that's what you are looking for, then this business is not for you.

I'm accepting inquiries from SERIOUS entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be ONLY.


All that being's what you'll get with me:

  • A business you can truly call your own.
  • A business you can be proud of and passionate about.
  • A REAL “no hype” opportunity to make six figures in months, not years.
  • An opportunity to be personally mentored by me and my team of top income-earning marketing professionals.
  • A chance to plug into our sophisticated and personal marketing system.
  • A surefire way to learn “cutting-edge” marketing skills that will instantly give you a leg up on the competition.
  • A REAL opportunity to put CASH in your pocket your first week in business.
  • A detailed, practical blueprint for how you can, potentially, reach a realistic executive level income within 4-6 months.
  • A business you will succeed in IF you have the drive, the willingness to learn and grow, and the desire to help others on your way to the top.


Okay, so maybe you're still sceptical. Maybe you have been burned before, and now you're wondering, why should I believe this will work?"

Here's why:

·         This is different than anything you've tried before...

·         This is NOT Multi-Level-Marketing, and so the financial risks of trying to build and maintain a downline have been eliminated.

·         You won't be keeping any kind of an inventory.

·         You will NOT be selling juices, energy drinks, pills, lotions, vitamins or anything of the kind.

·         You will be marketing products and services that are much needed and in high demand in today's economy. More details in the FAQ Section.

·         You will be receiving substantial commissions upfront (minimum $1,000 per sale) PLUS residuals.

·         Our automated system does all the "telling and selling" for you so that instead of spending your time doing phone presentations, you can focus on learning new skills and adding value to yourself so that YOU become more valuable in the market place.

·         Our team of Master Marketers follow up with your prospects and close your sales for you. More on this in the FAQ Section.

·         Instead of trying to train a bunch of whiners and complainers, you will be working with likeminded PEERS: serious entrepreneurs with great attitudes.

·         Your sponsor (me) and the rest of our team of marketing professionals are available for help and support any time you need it.

·         Our company events aren't full of hype and babble. On the contrary they are exceptionally informative. Here, you will be trained by and have the opportunity to network with some of the most successful six- and seven-figure earning marketers on the planet.

Register and opt-in now to check out the opportunity

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"If I Were Starting Over Today, I Would Make My Millions In The Network Marketing Industry."
- Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki in their recent book, "Why We Want You To Be Rich."

Home business secrets:

- We live in a "Time Square" world. Blinking lights, an endless flood of information, offers, 'bonuses', and loud marketing noise everywhere we turn. Nervously clutching our pocket books we try to fight off the next solicitor.

Only 15 years ago the world of marketing was DRAMATICALLY different. "Prospecting", "cold calling", and "in-your-face-selling" were viable ways to build one's business. If implemented patiently and persistently, they worked.

But then the Internet arrived upon the scene. And with the Internet came a never-ending onslaught of "newer, bigger and better" choices.

Today we live in a reality of Caller ID, pop-up blockers, SPAM filters, and "Do Not Call Lists". We have pulled back, shut ourselves in, and closed the curtains. We just don't want to be bothered anymore.

Don't get me wrong -- I personally think the Internet is the best invention ever: On the Internet you can re-invent yourself, turn a simple idea into a fortune, and with a single click of the mouse get your message across to millions of people.

But the Internet is also extremely competitive. Which is why, if you want to succeed, YOU HAVE GOT TO LEARN HOW TO ACTUALLY MARKET!!! Sadly, the vast majority of home business owners who go treasure-hunting online are too ignorant and/or too lazy to do so. Which is why they continue to fall flat on their face.

To build a highly profitable online business in 2009 and beyond, you as an Entrepreneur, have got to become a student and a practitioner of *Attraction Marketing*. You absolutely have to connect with your prospective customers/ distributors on a personal level...BEFORE attempting to sell to them on your products or opportunity!

It's no secret that we all prefer to buy from those we like, admire and respect. Those who have real value to offer us and who aren't just trying to get into our pockets. That's why, when you become a truly valuable resource to others, you will never have to try to "pursue" or "persuade" anyone ever again.

Your prospects will now seek YOU out. Not only will they seek you out but they will be pre-sold on what you have to offer. Sponsoring new reps into your business suddenly becomes completely effortless. And making a profit becomes a non-issue.

Attraction Marketing is what all the TOP EARNERS in our industry are using today to make their multiple six- and seven-figures online.

It's the ONLY way to stand out and rise above the noise.




I urge you to read through ALL the questions and answers below as chances are GREAT you'll find your own *burning* questions dealt with right here!

Q: "I’ve failed with MLM before…why should I believe this will work for me?"

A: This is not MLM. Our compensation model is the same one used in the Insurance, Real Estate, and Mortgage industries. Leaders who recruit and train new professionals receive a commission when members of their team make a sale. But the largest commission goes to the person who makes the sale. In other words, you are rewarded for your work.

Q: "Who are the Business Coaches that call the applicants on my behalf?”

A: They're all members of our Million Dollar Mastermind Group (MDMG). To qualify to be on this team, you have to be a six-figure earner and have gone through an extensive training program.

Q: "What would motivate this group of people to work on my behalf?"

A: You'll pay them $ 50 out of your commission whenever they close a sale for you. (Because they close a lot of sales for a lot of CCPro members, this service actually becomes quite profitable for them. ;-) You should know, though, that they only encourage -- never pressure -- your prospects on your behalf.

Q: "What are the products I will be selling?"

A: At CCPro we believe the world today is in desperate need of financial education. (Long before the current 'recession' hit, we were calling the public's attention to the fact they need to learn to handle their finances properly!) Back in 2007 CCPro partnered with a cutting edge direct marketing company based out of Texas, United States, which specializes in financial based educational products and services. You will not be marketing your own company or product but rather the products of this company.

What this means is that not only will you be creating wealth for yourself as you build your CCPro business, but you will also learn to manage your wealth properly -and grow it even further by making wise investments - as you utilize the products/services of our partner company.

Simply put, this is the financial education you never received.

Q: "What are the start-up costs as far as products are concerned?"

A: To get started, you'll FIRST need to purchase a "BIB" (Business in a Box) which will cost you $ 395 (plus S&H). The BIB is a physical product that will be delivered straight to your door. It is a complete marketing system contained in a "box" :-) -- everything you need to build a very successful business online. It is literally ten thousands of dollars worth of training material that are contained in your BIB.

We have additional upgrade options for those who want to take maximum advantage of the compensation plan. Once you've got your BIB and have started to familiarize yourself with the training material - and once I know more about what your desired income goals - we will talk about what sort of upgrade (if any) that best fits your plan.

Q: "Why is it so expensive to join your company?"

A: Actually, it's not. It's much less expensive than a traditional supplement based MLM business. The average MLM will cost you $2,500 + per year when you factor in the costs of the products, auto-shipments and taxes -- for shakes and vitamins you could probably have purchased for 70% less at a local store.

With us there aren't ANY monthly auto-shipments! You just purchase your product and you're done! And another thing: when the vitamins are gone, they're gone...! Not so with our products. They will continue to "give back" to you year after year as you use them to create wealth, save on your taxes, make wise investments, protect your assets and much, much more.

Q: "Isn't it difficult to market and sell high-end products and services in the current economy?"

A: While many businesses around the world are suffering, we in Carbon Copy Pro only continue to see an increase in our sales. Evidently, in the current, fragile economy the public sees the need for our products and services more than ever before. I also think that as workers around the world are being laid off in greater and greater numbers, they are truly starting to see the tremendous value in working for themselves and being in control of their own financial futures.

Q: "Why is there an application fee to join Carbon Copy Pro?"

A: The small application fee simply helps determine if you truly are an entrepreneur. If the business isn't right for you, we DO NOT want you wasting time and money! The application fee is refundable if you aren't satisfied.

Q: What happens next, after I apply? : You immediately get access to a detailed business

A and product overview, including videos, audios and recorded conference calls, and you will have the opportunity to chat live with one of our professional business coaches and ask them questions.

Also, I will personally get back with you within two or three business days and - considered your application is accepted - I will schedule you for an orientation call as well as a personal business plan meeting with me via phone. Here, I will help you lay out a very specific step-by-step action plan that will help take you to your goals.

Q: "Do I need to know how to use a computer?"

A: Yes, this is Internet marketing. You'll need some basic computer skills, but you don't need to be a geek.

Q: "Do I need any other special skills or experiences to succeed with CCPro?"

A: Possessing certain skills -- like for instance knowing how to write ad copy, or having experience with marketing campaigns, or with keyword research -- will obviously only help you. But we don't consider these to be "requirements". You do however need to possess certain character traits -- you should be serious, committed, motivated, coachable, and have a great attitude.

Q: "Can I work the business part-time around my job?"

A: Sure you can. As long as you have at least 10-15 hours/week that you can devote to your business.

Q: "I travel a lot. Can I still do this business?"

A: You'll be fine just as long as you have semi-regular access to a phone and the Internet.

Q: "What do you mean when you say your system is '95% automated'?"

A: Once you have set up your system (which isn't difficult), it will do all the telling and selling for you…websites, auto responders, audios, videos, product and business presentations, it's all there. You won’t have to spend your time on any of that stuff. (That is, unless you really want to ;-) You'll be spending your time driving traffic to the system.

Q: "How is it possible that I don’t have to call my leads?"

A: You won’t have to call your leads (unless you want to); you will call your applicants. The auto responders and the email boot camp series do all the necessary follow-up for you. When someone is interested, they submit an application. After your applicant has gotten their questions answered by one of our business coaches, you call them to introduce yourself.

Q: "If your company is so great, why isn’t everyone joining?"

A: Because we don’t LET them! In order to protect the integrity of our system, we have to make sure that the quality of the consultants who get started isn't compromised. The longevity and security of our system are a far greater priority for us in order to accomplish our goal of creating 100 millionaires than any short term gains that might come from compromising our standards. 

Q: "I've seen some negative stuff about you guys online…what about that?"

A: That's just typical of the Internet. Search any good online company and you'll be certain to find another company slating it to try and get you into their opportunity instead: "[Name of competitor] is a scam! Here's why I didn't join! Keep reading to see why I chose [X] company instead!"

So consider the source.... 

Q: "What do you mean when you say that 'people pay you to prospect them'?"

A: Part of each and every application fee goes directly into your pocket. This is to help offset your advertising costs. It's what we call the "Funded Proposal"; a common way to help fund one's advertising in the direct sales industry.

Q: "You also said that I can make money even on the people that don't join my team...?"

A: Yes, through affiliate sales. Any time someone purchases a product from you of which you are an affiliate, regardless of whether they join your team or not you make money.

Q: "I read somewhere that one supposedly can make $ 480, 000 in one year with your company, with just one new customer per week…how is that even possible?"

A: It's not only possible; it's probable. The secret lies in the higher-cost back-end sales you'll be able to profit from if you position yourself at the higher level in our compensation plan, and combine this with the additional residual earnings you'll be able to make off of the sales of your own consultants. When you break the numbers down, which you'll be able to do quite easily yourself, you'll see exactly how it all works out.

Q: "Isn't the market already saturated? Isn't it already too late to make any real money with CCPro?"

A: According to Forbes Magazine, over 76 million Americans plan to start their own businesses in the next 3 years. At the time of this writing we have only about 10,000 marketing consultants in CCPro, so there's plenty of room for more. 

Also, we are now open for business in ALL countries around the world, meaning that you can market and sell to anyone, anywhere, regardless of where you yourself live! Do you realize how powerful this is???! Look - the market is HUGE! And it's all thanks to the Internet!

At the time of this writing we have, on our Carbon Copy Pro "Leader Board", members living in countries ranging from the US, to Canada, to the UK, to Scandinavia. (Only 50% of our sales are within the US and as much as 10% are in Scandinavia!)

What often happens is that a prospective CCPro member sees lots of ads for our company on the web and then falsely concludes that "the market is saturated." What they don't realize is that there are dozens of different ways to advertise, some of which are underutilized and therefore present a great opportunity to reach a targeted market without much (or any) competition.

Q: "What kind of support will I get?"

A: First of all, I'll be your personal coach, and I'll always be available to you free of charge.

Second, on our company training calls, you can always ask our marketing pros questions.

Third, when you set up your CCPro online account, you'll get access to our forum where you can post questions and get support.

Fourth, you will have access to a list with contact info for over 200 different CCPro consultants who have made themselves available to do 3-way calls with any new members who need assistance.

Q: "What about the time difference if I live outside the US or Canada? Will I have to get up in the middle of the night in order to train my team or to call my applicants?"

A: No! To begin with, you won't be spending a whole lot of time on the phone. Your downline will primarily be trained by our multiple six- and seven-figure earning marketers on our daily conference calls. (By the way, all our training calls are recorded and made available to everyone in the CCPro back office, so anyone who has an issue with the time difference, can simply listen to the recordings instead of the live ones.) I have downline consultants in countries all around the world, and I can honestly tell you that the time difference never has been a major issue.

Bottom line: In any business there will be challenges. The question is, do you have the right mindset to overcome them?

                                                                                                                                            Q: "Won’t it end up costing me a fortune in phone bills if have team members living in different countries around the world and I'm supposed to train them?"

A: Personally I never pay a dime for any of my phone calls to my team...and you don't have to either. Here's how: The primary way we stay in touch with our team is by email,  SKYPE and/or instant messenger, which of course is free of charge. And whenever you do need to call your downline, you can do it through one of the several on-line international long distance service providers. Just as long as you and your team members have the same provider, you can all talk for free.

                                                                                                                                            Q: "I don’t live in the US…will I be expected to attend your company events?"

A: You won’t be “expected” to do anything. This is your business. You call the shots. Though we find our conferences to be invaluable, we understand that it may not be doable for someone living on a different continent to attend.

Let me say this, though: We often have Carbon Copy Pro members fly in from other countries to attend our events -- that's how seriously they take their training.

These are the guys and girls who reap the biggest commission checks: Because here, as in all other areas of life and business, it's true that "the more you put in, the more you get back."

Q: "This all sounds too good to be true…how do I know it’s not a scam?"

A. Because:

  • Our company has a clean record according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). According to the BBB, we have never had a substantiated complaint
  • Our company is a member in good standing with the Direct Sales Association, the leading trade organization for direct sales companies
  • Our company has never been investigated or sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  

·         No actions by a State Attorney General has ever been taken against our company, nor are there any pending investigations.

·         Our company is a United States of America Corporation based in Texas. It's not some fly-by-night, off-shore scam.

·         Recognized industry leaders such as Mike Dillard and Andrew J. Cass are directly associated with our company.

·         Our partner company, Wealth Masters International, has been around since January 2005. Kip Herriage, the company's CEO, holds six degrees and licenses, was a financial advisor and money manager for over 15 years and one of the youngest ever to reach the position of Vice President at one of the largest financial firms on Wall Street.